Emergency Medical Information

In a medical emergency it is imperative that the responding paramedics are able to acquire pertinent medical or emergency information to provide the proper treatments or contact  a family member of the patient. 

There are several programs available by different agencies that provide this valuable information. 

Guilford County EMS has a downloadable form on this website that can be printed , completed and kept in a vehicle, purse/wallet or near the refrigerator at your residence. 

The Yellow Dot program follows the same premise but provides a yellow folder to keep in your vehicle glove compartment with your emergency information. You then place the ”yellow dot” on your rear window and emergency responders know to look in the glove box.  The yellow dot can also be place in a front window of your home and the emergency information is kept on near your refrigerator.  Yellow dot folders are available through the Guilford County Sheriff’s  department, Emergency Services, Greensboro Police and Fire department.  

The Vial of Life is distributed through the City of Greensboro Human Relations department and this too is attached to your refrigerator. 

If you have any questions about any of these programs please contact Debbie Miller with Guilford County EMS at 641-3072

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