Forms and Fees

Effective 10/01/11

The uniform fees set forth below are complete and exclusive and no other fees shall be charged by the Register of Deeds. These fees shall be collected in every case prior to filing, registration, certification, or other service rendered by the Register of Deeds unless by law it is provided that the service shall be rendered without charge. G.S. 161-10 as amended.


Instruments in General
For filing a Deed of Trust: $56.00 for the first 15 pages plus $4.00 for each additional page thereafter.

For filing Deeds and ALL other documents: $26.00 for the first 15 pages plus $4.00 for each additional page thereafter (excluding Satisfaction and UCC )

Satisfaction of Deeds of Trust and Mortgages: No Fee for Recording Satisfactions.

No longer will accept presentation of original deed of trust and note to satisfy or discharge a record.


Original Financing Statement, Amendment or Continuation effective July 1, 2001, only original financing statements and amendments whose collateral include fixtures, timber to be cut, or as-extracted collateral should be filed in the local office.
Fees for UCC amendments & terminations:
1 or 2 pages = $38
3-10 pages = $45
Over 10 pages = $45 + $2 per page over 10

All E-Filed UCC documents $30.00 (regardless of number of pages)

Multiple Documents - shows on the first page it contains two or more instruments that could be recorded separately (ie. Deed of Trust and Assignment); $10 for each additional instrument. Note: Register is not required to index any multiple instrument whose title does not appear on the first page of the document.

Indexing and filing of Subsequent Instruments: $10.00 for each additional reference over one for assignments only per GS 161-10 in addition to other applicable recording fees

Nonstandard Documents - $25.00 in addition to other applicable recording fees (see G.S. 161-14b for recording standards).

Certified Copies
For furnishing certified copies, $5.00 for the first page - $2.00 for each additional page.

Uncertified Copies in Guilford County - $.05 per page in person, $1.00 per page when requesting by mail.

In-house Public Research – Normal copy fees apply, however, additional charges may be accessed for high volume usage.

Qualification of Notary Public - $10.00 (G.S. 10-2)
For administering oath and making appropriate record entries.

Notary Authentication - $1.00 per signature.

Each original or revised plat recorded - $21.00
Furnishing certified copy of plat - $5.00
Uncertified copy - $.10 cents (digital)
Uncertified copy - $.50 cents(full size, 18" x 24")

Right-of-way Plans
Each original or amended plan and profile sheet recorded - $21.00 for the first page, plus $5.00 each additional page.
Torrens Registration - Such fees as are provided for instruments in general.

Certified Birth, Death, Marriage - $10.00 each
Uncertified copies requested in person - $.05 per page
Uncertified copies requested by mail - $1.00 per page

Marriage Licenses
License - $60.00
Delayed certificate with one certified copy - $20.00
Proceeding for correction of names in applications, license, or certificate, with one certified copy - $10.00
Marriage Keepsake Certificate - $1.00

Amendment of Birth and Death Record
For preparation of amendment, and effecting correction - Contact the Register of Deeds office for fees.

Registration of Delayed Birth Certificate
Preparation of papers when birth to be registered in another county - $10.00
Registration when papers prepared in another county with one certified copy - $10.00
Registration when papers prepared in same county with one certified copy - $20.00

Preparation of records for legitimation - Contact the Register of Deeds office for fees.

Removal of Graves Certificate - $26.00 for the first 15 pages, $4.00 for each additional page thereafter.

Military Service Record
Filing and recording discharge, etc. - No Fee
Certified copy - No Fee

For issuing out of county birth records for births occurring after 1971 via state system – Contact the Register of Deeds office for details and fees.


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