Health Alert - 1st Rabies Case of 2013

Guilford County Confirms First Case of Animal Rabies in 2013 (Health Alert)

The Guilford County Department of Public Health is alerting residents that a fox found on Well Spring Drive in Greensboro tested positive for the rabies virus on January 23, 2013.  This is the first confirmed case of animal rabies in 2013.  The fox had contact with one person.

North Carolina law requires that all domestic pets (cats, dogs and ferrets), whether living inside or outside, age four months or older be vaccinated.  Even animals that are confined in outdoor fenced areas should have current rabies vaccinations, because wild animals can get into these areas and attack your pets.

Rabies continues to circulate within our wildlife population, even in the winter months. The best way to protect your family and your pet’s safety is to vaccinate your pets against rabies.   Tips to protect your family and pets include:
  • Do not try to separate fighting animals.
  • Avoid strange and sick animals.
  • Leave animals alone when they are eating.
  • Keep pets on a leash when out in public.
  • Do not approach, play with or try to rescue wild animals of any kind.
  • Supervise your pets when outdoors to avoid contact with wild animals.
  • Do not feed your pets outdoors.  Leftover food will attract wild animals.
The public should report stray animals, animals acting strangely or exposures to sick animals to Animal Control at (336)641-5990 in Greensboro or (336)883-3224 in High Point.  If a person is bitten, he should wash the area immediately with soap and water, seek medical attention and report the bite to local Animal Control Officers.

For more information or to schedule an educational program, please contact the Guilford County Department of Public Health at (336)641-7777, Guilford County Animal Control at (336) 641-5990 or visit

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